Exquisite Corpse – Epic Game

So, Spocili’s Reverb hosted an author signing the other day, and we did something fun. I got a roll of butcher paper, and we did an epic game of Exquisite Corpse.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away trouble was just around the corner. The town’s idyllic exterior was marred by one angry puppy. The puppy’s eyes were filled with hatred towards all neighbor cats. The cat gang convened an emergency meeting to problem solve and plot. They decided upon aiding in the overthrow of their masters. So they started plotting this master plan, but unfortunately, it was in the middle of Maucker Union! And then the heavy rain came and flooded the union at UNI and they had to escape. Their escape route took them into Wright Hall and upstairs to the Math Department office. There, sitting in the darkness, sulked a lonely and distraught professor, who was suddenly unable to remember Pythagoras’s Theorem. Even worse, he suddenly realized he was not wearing any pants. Panicked, he ran straight into a door.

It was an amazing venue for a book signing, really. Nice big tables, people hanging out, incredible food and drinks. This was a really fun event!

Facilitating Tip: If you have a lot of people playing, instead of passing around a sheet of paper, try playing with rolls of butcher paper and a big marker!